Headache After Masturbation

June 22, 2011


Perhaps this is something that many people have experienced it. The feeling isn’t comfortable and sometimes it last for a long period. Usually the headache after masturbation occurs when man ejaculates a couple of times per day in a short period of time.

This happens because the brain is much  more sensitive to depleted blood flow because it needs more oxygen to function than the other parts of the body. When men masturbate less frequent they don’t have a headache, they might feel just a little bit stunned after the ejaculation but they won’t even notice.

But when over-masturbation the brains feels a big loss of oxygen. So the brain needs more blood to get its oxygen.

My Advice To you

1. Take more time between the sessions
2. Start masturbating less often

Everybody has an individual limit, that should not be crossed.

This is a natural reaction of your body that tells you to stop.

The headache should disappear in a couple of hours, sometimes it could last even a whole day. But if this bothers you, you can go to a doctor who can check your blood flow.

Headache After Masturbation
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